“Wedding coordinator fabulous! You made everything possible in a smooth professional way. We are beyond pleased with everything! Thank you so much for sharing your talent and mad skills with our family and friends!.” September 24, 2012

Leah Ludtke, Client
hired Alissa as a wedding coordinator in 2012

"Great Results, Expert, Creative"

“I hired Alissa to help me plan my wedding day and make it run smoothly. We worked out a day-of schedule, and then she executed all those million and one things a bride does NOT want to think about or be responsible for on the day of the wedding. She was fabulous to work with, extremely creative, had a wealth of common sense ideas (I'm guessing from seeing and working on so many weddings over the years). She was also very knowledgeable about all the venues I was thinking about in NW Washington state and already had contacts with a lot of my other vendors. She made the day of my wedding run incredibly smoothly. I was free to enjoy my family, friends... and my groom :). I got to be in the moment while Alissa took care of everything behind the scenes. I could not be more thankful for her services. She was probably the best thing I invested in for the wedding and I think she should charge twice as much as she does for her help.” May 31, 2012

Margaret Morales, Client
hired Alissa as a wedding assistant in 2011

"Great Results, Personable, Creative"

“I have worked with Alissa as my employee for several years and have consistently been impressed with the range of her professional and personal skills. She has taken on many diverse responsibilities in my small business and has always exceeded my expectation. She is personable, reliable, can work as a team player but also take on responsibilities independently to see a project through to completion. She has been an immeasurable asset to my company.” October 17, 2011

Clinton James, Owner and Photographer, Clinton James Photography
managed Alissa at Clinton James Photography (Assistant, Media Specialist)

"Creative, Self-Directed, Organized"

"Based on my experience working with Alissa for the last two years, I highly recommend her in any work setting. She has a positive attitude that allows her to take on tasks both big and small--always with outcomes beyond my expectations. She is creative, research-savvy, self-directed, and organized. She plans her time well and is generally a joy to be around." July 7, 2010

Justina Brown, Instructional and Multimedia Designer, Western Washington University
managed Alissa at the Center for Instructional Innovation (Student Web Content Developer)